Foundation Repair

Avoid Costly Issues by Fixing Your Foundation

Avoid Costly Issues by Fixing Your Foundation

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Have you noticed gaps or cracks in your walls? Are you having trouble closing your windows or doors? Reach out to PermaJack of Mid Mo LLC for foundation crack repairs in Mexico & Columbia, MO. We'll use helical anchors to fix any cracks in your walls or foundation. If your foundation is sinking, trust us to install top-of-the-line PermaJack piers. Our solutions will keep your property sturdy and free from further issues for years.

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Why it's important to repair foundation problems

If you think you need foundation repairs, you shouldn't wait to get help from a professional. Cracks or a settling foundation can cause bigger problems like:

  • Water building up through cracks and causing mold growth
  • Visible damage to your interior and exterior walls
  • Broken pipes and issues with your plumbing equipment

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