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PermaJack of Mid MO

First-Rate Foundation Repair Services Delivered by Highly Qualified Professionals

Reach out to us via phone or email to ask questions or request a quote for our foundation repair and basement waterproofing services.

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Foundation Repair Services 

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Depending on your situation, PermaJack of Mid MO in Mexico, Missouri has a solution that will correct and restore your failing foundation. We offer the following systems for foundation repair:
  • PermaJack® Piers: PermaJack® piers are used to lift sinking foundations.
  • Helical Anchors: Cracked, buckling, or bowed walls require the installation of helical anchors.

Problem: Foundation Settling

Due to the normal movement, settlement, expansion, and contraction of the supporting soil, homes/buildings and their foundations may be disrupted and cause foundation cracks or settlement in the foundations or slabs of structures. Some indications of settling include:

  • Stair step cracks by the door and window corners or in masonry joints

  • Flooring that is not leveled
  • Gaps between walls and floor
  • Windows and doors not shutting properly

Solution: PermaJack® System

The PermaJack® System provides correction to specific settlement problems. This frictionless steel pier system is used to stabilize the foundations and slabs of settling structures, such as residential home foundations (including fireplaces and certain porches), multifamily complexes, commercial buildings, and industrial facilities.

This system utilizes high-strength mechanical steel tubing that is hydraulically driven to bedrock or equal load-bearing strata. Additionally, this type of steel-piering provides unvarying foundation support, unlike concrete piers, helical piers, and anchoring systems that are usually supported by the same expansive soil that caused the foundation problems in the first place (just at a different depth).

What makes PermaJack® piers better than others is the use of primary steel of proper gauge. Some companies use piers made of cheap secondary steel that tends to fail and corrode quickly.

Problem: Bowed Walls

Soil expansion puts an enormous amount of pressure on foundation walls. The result of this expansion can lead to bowed walls.

Solution: Tiebacks or Anchors


Practical tieback walls come with all the advantages of helical anchors. They can be installed either for temporarily braced excavations or for permanent retaining walls.

Wall Anchors

Wall anchors provide supplemental lateral force to help stabilize bowed and cracked walls. These are quickly installed using handheld equipment and require minimal excavation or disturbance to the yard.

Problem: Wall Cracks

Concrete basements and foundations are going to crack. The cause and severity dictates what type of repair is required. There are different reasons for concrete cracking.

As the concrete cures, the moisture evaporates, and the concrete shrinks because of this. Shrinkage is a common factor in all concrete, and in most cases, this shrinkage causes cracking.

Over time, the backfill around your foundation compacts and settles. Aside from the foundation, this settlement can affect the earth under the house, settling from the weight of the house. Foundation settling can cause cracking.

Horizontal cracks in a foundation are usually caused by soil pressure. Most soil movement is due to expansive soil. As the soil absorbs ground water, it expands. As soil expands, it moves and swells. This movement and expansion causes unbalances pressure on the foundation. This pressure pushes on one side of the foundation, causing cracking.

There is no such thing as a good crack. All should be repaired immediately.

Solution: Polyurethane Injections or Sealants

Sealants are used in areas where there is expansion and contraction. The elasticity of sealants make them flexible enough to maintain a watertight seal with the expansion and contraction that comes along with extreme temperature and soil moisture changes.

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