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PermaJack of Mid MO

Cost-Effective Solutions for Your Concrete Settling Issues

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Concrete Settling 

Concrete is practically everywhere. We construct our sidewalks, patios, slabs, foundations, footers, steps, and driveways out of concrete. Eventually, you will encounter concrete sinking. Is your concrete approach to the garage a little lower than it used to be? Are your steps pulling away from the entrance of your home? Are you constantly tripping over the uneven sidewalk on the way to the mailbox?

Removing and replacing sinking concrete is an expensive, intrusive, time-consuming task. The cost of concrete goes up annually, and tearing it out is a messy task. Concrete excavation requires heavy equipment that can rut up surrounding areas even when the ground is relatively dry.

Depending on the size of the repair area, completing the task can take several days. In most cases, it takes 1 day to tear out the concrete, 1 day to form it, and 1 day to pour it. Then, another day is spent stripping the forms and restoring the surrounding areas.

What if there was an alternative solution to your sinking concrete issue? What if it was less than half the cost of tearing out and replacing your sinking concrete? What if it only took a few hours and not a few days? What if it was exponentially faster replacing the concrete?

Fortunately, PermaJack of Mid MO in Mexico, Missouri can offer you that alternative solution in the form of polyurethane foam lifting. Contact us today to schedule a free foam lifting assessment.

Concrete Settling Causes 

Poor Soil Conditions

Mid-Missouri’s clay-rich soils expand and contract with moisture content. Clay expands when it becomes saturated with water from heavy rains, melting snow or water leaks. This results in reduced strength, which allows slabs to sink.

Tree Roots

Concrete near trees or shrubs are prone to settle due to the loss of moisture in the soil, which is a result of the excessive amount of water the roots consume.

Poor Compaction 

Many homes are built on backfilled areas. If the backfilled soil isn’t compacted properly before construction, the area will slowly and unevenly compact over time. This results in concrete settling.

Poor Drainage

Improper drainage can result in saturated soil, allowing concrete to settle. Something as simple as a misplaced down spout can have serious consequences.

Why Raise Your Concrete? 


Trip hazards can cause injury to yourself, your loved ones, and other people. It also allows your property to be open for unwanted liability.


You can raise your concrete for less than half the cost of replacing it.


Raising concrete only takes a few hours, unlike removing and replacing it, which takes days.


Sinking concrete has a negative impact on your property’s curb appeal.

Home Value

First impressions are everything to a potential homebuyer.

Structural Damage

Anything connected to sinking concrete can sustain damage (cracks or settling).

Water Damage

Water tends to travel down the path of least resistance. Sunken or settled concrete creates a funnel for water. This results in additional damage to surrounding structures or the concrete itself.

Financing Available

Exterior Drainage and Waterproofing System Solutions